New Fantasy Fiction Read: Thousand Years Minus One

When immortality becomes a curse, he finds his heartstrings tugged at the echoes of her footsteps. 

– Disha Walia, Thousand Years Minus One

Every single day since a millennium, he’s been searching for the end of his punishment worse than death. But aging when his smile would reach his soul isn’t as grand of a wish as he might’ve thought. For one, he’d have to return the favour and make someone else happy too. And that was troublesome when the insignificant creation remarked themselves as a miraculous construct.    Until the day he heard a wail, to not end but let her take the reins. She longs for no miracle, nor she marvels in her greatness. Her only weapon is her undaunted smile. However, she is more than what meets the eye. Could she be the one who undoes time? 

Read ‘Thousand Years Minus One’ Now!

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