New Fiction Read Dropped: Romance Thriller ‘House of Cards’ Now Available!

She tasted the desire for love and hate.
Once, a little too fast and once, a little too late.

Terror reigns Sitciny ever since the ruthless Wayne Hayes gained command. He has risen to power with an equally formidable companion. As human hunts continue to plague the streets, Maise Blackwell finds herself in the unique position of being Wayne’s wife. The old-money businesswoman has an unquenchable thirst to regain the power her family once held in their city. Her plan to betray Wayne and regain control is put to the test when a twist of fate brings her to her ex-lover, Ryan Price. The attorney on Wayne’s radar is bound to disappear any day. Will Maise let Ryan be the collateral damage for breaking her heart 14 years ago, or will she risk everything and change the entire game? “House of Cards” is a thrilling tale of power, betrayal, and love that explores the thin line between deepest desires and deadliest hate.

                                            Read ‘House of Cards’ on Inkitt or Wattpad Now!

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