Behind the scenes: Tea time with Ace

Winning is never about who has the best cards, but who knows how to play the hand. However, Ace Berny had another trick up his sleeves. To win, he always knew a stacked deck against you is best reshuffled… until it is stacked in your favour. Sometimes, that requires patience. A long-drawn-out battle to win the war. To watch and learn. Grow and change. Then break the rules and secure the right move. In the words and thoughts of the ace of spades stepping out from the pages of House of Cards, find the answers to questions the readers asked:

Ace: I’m so going to show these to Aoife. She is going to love these. I think the eggplant stands out, though I’ve no idea what it means. Next time, I’d get her to answer these questions for you. She’s better at pick-up lines than I am.

Ace: She did take me by surprise. Contacting me alone. But I was more pissed at the audacity of coming back like nothing happened. The girl played me years ago, then her husband destroyed whatever was left. I decided to play along and see if I could return the favour and I’m glad. My angel was no longer the little girl I knew, no longer the daughter of my friend. She had grown up to be someone I know Fletcher and Eliza would be proud of. I know I am. Let’s just say it was a pleasant surprise, even though I never imagined it would be.

Ace: Whiskey on wifey… I mean wifey and Whiskey! Why choose one when I can have both? But it will always be wifey before whiskey.

Ace: No amount of joy can replace the joy of watching him disappear like his victims. Elated would be a tiny word compared to what I felt. Not only did I enjoy his last moments, but I also enjoyed the several moments leading up to his last moment. Perhaps Angel doesn’t know, but that was her most precious gift to me. Imagine hating someone with every fiber of your soul and you get to deliver justice. Can’t say many people are as lucky as me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ve Angel to thank for it.

Ace: Was I supposed to look after the attorney? Never knew it was a part of the deal. If they had made it known I was supposed to look after them, Wayne wouldn’t have been able to touch a hair on their heads. I was only told to wait until I had to go after Wayne. The Bernys always do their jobs impeccably. And we did, as always.

Ace: That little vermin had it coming for a long time. With a head of his size, it was no wonder it was always stuck where the sun didn’t shine. I think Mr. Hayes had someone lie to him in his childhood that he was smart and the boss and he believed that lie even after growing up. His inflated ego was laughable and I wish he were a part of the conversation I once had with Fletcher and Bryan about him before he married Maise. That might’ve put his head back to its normal size. Some children ought to be disciplined. Clearly, he wasn’t. As someone older than him, I took it upon myself to rectify that mistake before he met his end. I think I heard a few whimpers. Music to my ears.

Ace: No. If you regret business, legal, illegal, you’re not doing business right.

Ace: Aoife didn’t want biological kids. Never seemed like my place to counter that, since my part in that was almost nothing compared to the role she would play. But you’re right, the kids around us made us feel relieved of our decision. Such disappointments. Except Angel, of course. But we do have kids, just not biological. The entire Berny family was ours to protect and look after.

Ace: Because I love my family and when you love someone you can’t help but be soft for them. I don’t love the outside world, especially when they go against my family. You can’t help but be hard on people who go against the people you love. In my head, it’s a simple calculation. Almost like an instinct. I know my priorities and I know how to take care of them.

Ace:Where do I begin? If I’m the ace of spades, she is the queen of my heart. Aoife is the one for me and I’ve never been so sure of anything else in my entire life. The way she makes me feel is so hard to explain, maybe because there is no word that we know of that I can use to explain. I just know she makes me look forward to every morning and makes me want to be a better man. I have only ever loved her, and I will continue to love her until my last breath and even after that, if there’s some afterlife. Aoife is someone with a contagious smile and a beautiful heart. She makes you glad to be alive. A source of joy and hope. If you ever met her you’d fall in love with her too. How can you not? She is the epitome of love itself. God! If I could turn back time, I’d love to fall in love with her over again. 

Meet Ace Berney in Sitciny: Read House of Cards on Inkitt and Wattpad.

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