Behind the scenes: Tea time with Annie and Emma

Every person is the hero of their own story. Even the ones that remain in the background for others, blurry and distant. Put on the right lens and you will see an underdog, with the best strategic advantage: A path that only leads forward. The fight inside them always stronger than the fight around them. They adapt and evolve because the game cannot end for them any other way. Annie Wintour and Emma Swain never settled for what they got. Perhaps that is why their eyes held no regrets when their stories ended while others’ journeys continued. In the words and thoughts of the warriors with wings stepping out from the pages of House of Cards, find the answers to questions the readers asked:

Annie: Thank you for that generous assessment. With these people, it is either kill or get killed. Strong was all I had. Clearly not enough, though.

Emma: I appreciate your enthusiastic affection. Didn’t know you loved me but now I know and I appreciate it. 

Annie:  I taught myself how to sharpen knives before people around me learned how to write anything over three-letter words. There’s not a dull knife in the house I live in. Oddly enough, knives have always fascinated me ever since I was young. Not to mention they make splendid weapons.

Emma: Yes, we’ve met, and we had a lot of fun watching the last moments of several people. Cheering on other people’s deaths does not count as sin once you’re dead.

Annie: Which time? There were so many. Though I can confidently say I hated all of them. The place had an eerie feeling to it and being there alone for any amount of time put me over the edge. It felt like being stuck in a cage, not even knowing who was going to come in through the door and what they were going to do to you. 

Emma: Truth be told, I didn’t trust him in the beginning. After what he did to Maise, him showing up in her life again, especially when she was desperate, spelt trouble to me. Though the moment I saw him again, his eyes on Maise and nowhere else, I instantly knew he was head over heels for her. No matter how much she denied it. I still didn’t trust him, though. He hurt my friend once. But in the end, he earned it. Took him a while, but he got there. In any case, I liked him a lot better than Wayne. Even when I didn’t trust him.

I don’t need to be trained to do that. Put us together for a one-on-one fight and we’ll see who comes out the other side. He has the support of other people, that doesn’t make him undefeatable. I will be out for blood, for taking my life away. That makes me unstoppable. 

Emma: Don’t go after Logan Wending! You have Wayne by his neck. Just go after him. Or get them both and blame it on each other. I figured out Bryan Blackwell was making a deal with Wayne Hayes a little too late. And I thought I should get more details before alerting Maise. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have given Bryan the credit for being smart enough not to get me killed. I thought he would know his niece enough. He knew Maise wouldn’t let him walk free after he did that to me. I hope Maise and Rose know I was aware of what was coming and I wasn’t scared because I knew justice would be served. 

Annie: Are you looking for something like Wayne squeaks like a rat when he is scared, or Maise turns into a mermaid when her legs touch water? If so, sorry to disappoint you. However, I do know that Wayne would spend an hour taking a bath to get the scent of lilies off himself before even meeting Maise. Because if she got a whiff, all hell would break loose. I think she secretly intimidated him. It didn’t matter how late in the night he made it back home, it was like an unspoken ritual between them. Though he didn’t do a good enough job. Or maybe the perfume was too strong. What do I know? Maybe that squeaking thing isn’t too far-fetched after all either. 

Emma: I’m offended about being killed. Period. It doesn’t matter who did it or how. Cowards came for me when I was asleep and couldn’t fight back. I really shouldn’t have considered Bryan Blackwell as one of the smart ones. I thought it was in their genes. Clearly, someone got skipped.

Annie: I feel glad that someone sees the mess that this whole thing is the right way. But I also know the author wouldn’t listen so I don’t dwell into it too much. Knowing at least someone out there cares a tiny bit about my well-being is good enough, even if that someone isn’t the author.

Emma: I was eight or nine when we took our first trip to the beach. It was away from home. A different city. Everything looking breathtaking. And I remembered looking at the horizon at the setting sun and thinking it looks like an egg yolk. For some reason, I believed we were going to settle on that beach forever. I tried to memorize the way from our hotel to the beach, needless to say with little success. I loved every minute of that trip, even though Dad never believed in asking for directions and we got lost a lot. Even though Mom didn’t let me fill my pockets with sand and shells. I was hysterical when I realised staying there forever was a plan only in my head. But at least I got a jar of shells, so that was a win-win. 

Annie: Interesting! I love such games. Burn Dwight and the others, Torture Bryan Blackwell. I don’t think his old heart can handle anything more. And slit Wayne’s throat. Hopefully, the knife is dull, and he realises the debt is always paid back.

Emma: She is good and all, but please maintain the parameter. Maise and Rose have been my friends since childhood. As long as she is doing a good job, I appreciate her presence in their life. Any more ideas and we’re going to have a problem. But if I had to think of someone looking after Maise and Rose, I am confident Lea can do a good job. That is, if she can keep both the sisters in the same city or divide herself.

Annie: Getting to slice Wayne open like a chicken, even if just a little. I promised I wouldn’t go down without causing actual damage. He underestimated me and that cut I gave him gave me more satisfaction than anything in the entire world. 

Emma:A lot different from Sitciny. For one, it is astoundingly glorious. Then again, it is no surprise, any place that has never seen Wayne Hayes’s face looks a million times better than the places that have. 

Meet Annie Wintour and Emma Swain in Sitciny: Read House of Cards on Inkitt and Wattpad.

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