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5onFri at diyMFA

Worldly Wise at diyMFA

Are you a writer of speculative fiction who’s always looking to up your game and hone your craft? Then join me on my column Worldly Wise. With a focus on helping you achieve your unique writing goals, this column is packed with tips, tricks, exercises, and so much more designed to get your creative juices flowing and take your writing to the next level.

Little Things Series on Executive Traveller

Twisted in threads, woven in culture, Little Things around the world is a Collaborative Series between Quillinary and Executive Traveller trace the history of a lifetime. There is a story behind every pattern, every art, in every corner of existence. For existence and creativity has the greatest love affair there could ever be. Under the flickering candles, with a stroke of the ink a new story is created. Now, centuries later, some are long forgotten, some dying. Let us open the book again and flip through the pages of eons. Tracing the Little Things around the world one at a time.

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