What is Quillinary?

There’s an old legend that talks about mythical creatures living in the confides of their own mind. Their magic drips from their fingertips and it holds the power to transport people to unexplored worlds filled with strange creations and unchecked longing. Some develop their magic to be so potent that even after returning to their original world, people experience formidable withdrawal and a yearning to return.

There’s so much unexplored about these mythical creatures themselves, we’ll skip a little ahead. But just so we’re on the same page, the mythical creatures are called writers!

When I was young, I witnessed the magic dust on my fingertips too. It only shone under the perfect light when a bulb appeared over my head, but it was still there. But I didn’t know how to use my magic yet, so it flowed out of my mouth. Until one day, I found myself standing in front of a door and I allowed myself to peek inside.

I’m so glad you asked! The door had this word ‘Quillinary’ stamped on it. Inside, I found everything I was looking for. Magical potions to create my people, pages to trace their existence and the charms of our world, quills dipped in enchanted ink, pens when that finished, a laptop, a Wi-Fi, and snacks to keep me from going hangry and doing something heart breaking to my people.

 I quickly realised I enjoyed spending time here more than I did anywhere. It was safe to experiment, and these people kept me accompanied for hours on end. Every new story was a new life I longed to share with those on the other side of the door. And sometimes, I wrote about our world and share what I saw from my eyes. There is a lot to discover outside my mind after all, and it seems just as interesting, just as magical to me.

 In short, you can call Quillinary my studio, where the magic happens, my happy place, or a physical entity of my mind that I’d like to share with you. 

Would you open the door and come on in for a new adventure?

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