Ready… Set… Writing Prompts!

If you thought, at Worldly Wise I am just going to drop prompts for you to choose from, you haven’t been paying attention to how we do things here. Or maybe you are new. In which case, Welcome! Here, we empower ourselves with the skills to see the stories in our heads to the finish line.

Brace yourself to go on an adventure to produce writing prompts we can place in the great category. Shall we begin?

As Speculative Fiction writers, it is not alien to us to think of “what if” questions. That is usually what sparks the idea and takes us on our writing journey. But what if no “what if” question pops into our head? 

Here are 4 ways you can manifest writing prompts out of thin air. Remember, the only skill you need is learning to let your mind roam free.

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