The Seven Deadly Sins of Speculative Fiction (and How to Fix Them)

Hello, beautiful people on the internet! Welcome back to Worldly Wise, where together we’re going to take the reins of your speculative fiction story and see it to the finishing line. Last time, we debunked some myths circling the “super genre” that stop writers from diving into the world of speculative fiction and tried a psychologically proven exercise to improve creativity. Now, if you’re ready to unleash the beauty of speculative fiction in all its glory and get rid of the seven deadly sins that often destroy a well-crafted story, look no further! 

Sometimes, no matter how many attempts you make at refining a story, it still just doesn’t feel right. And that can be pretty off-putting, not to mention demotivating. Especially when you just cannot point out what went wrong. Let’s see if ending these seven deadly sins helps resurrect your lost confidence in your story idea. 

If you’re reading this to know what to avoid getting wrong before beginning, I have a writing prompt at the end for you to practice your newly gained skills. Let’s jump right in!

Read The Seven Deadly Sins of Speculative Fiction (and How to Fix Them)

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