Worldly Wise: Create Your World in Six Questions

Hello, beautiful people on the internet! Welcome back to Worldly Wise where together we’re going to take the reins of your speculative fiction story and see it to the finishing line. Did any of the book recommendations from last time make it to your TBR Pile? If not, but you still want to explore the storytelling element called “The World,” we’re going to do it together today!

To put it simply, “The World” is where your story takes place. Now, that should give you a good enough idea of just how important this storytelling element is. Because your story and characters can’t exist in a void, right? 

Before this gets too intimidating and you think, “Let me work on some other aspect of my story and come here later,” hold your horses! At Worldly Wise, you and I are ready to take the intimidating part out of world-building and have some fun while we’re at it.

This is just going to take 6 questions. Are you ready?

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