Behind the scenes: Tea time with Maise

It is known that inside every person you know is a person you don’t know. And though we see Sitciny through the eyes of Maise Blackwell, she remains an ever-present enigma. While her thoughts we read, occasionally contradict her words, it is always the small pieces that fit to make a whole. As complex as she may be, it is a part of her elegance. For a simple puzzle never attracted much admiration at all. In the words and thoughts of the beautiful mystery stepping out from the pages of House of Cards, find the answers to questions the readers asked:

Maise: That’s a romantic proposal. Though my ring size is 5, I doubt a wedding ring is something I’m looking for. It is awfully heavy in my experience. And you’d have to come all the way over to Sitciny to marry me. However, if you do end up in Sitciny bring over the documents. Might I suggest Dice Firm to help you look into the legalities?

Maise: While I truly appreciate the gesture, I would very much like for you to keep your eye sockets intact. You won’t be able to read this otherwise. I do understand I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, self-love though does not come naturally to me after being scrutinized for every little action since… forever, is not something I lack. I believe I have a harder time accepting others’ positive feelings for me. Surely, they must want something in return, right? Because in my world, that’s how it works. I haven’t had many people who like me without demanding something in return. I’d say I have trust issues rather than self-love issues. 

Maise: I’m not, but if you ever find your way to Sitciny, I’d sponsor you.

Maise: I always imagined myself saying “I would stop myself from marrying Wayne” or going even further back and say “I wouldn’t go out with Wayne”, but I’ve come to realise what I’d truly like to change. Instead of thinking it is the world against Ryan and me, back in high school, I’d see it as us together trying to navigate through the world. I wouldn’t let my pride or misunderstandings get in the way. If I could fight for the wrong person, couldn’t I have done the same for the right person? 

Maise: Oh! This is hard. Where do I even begin? I’d say getting to know Wayne Hayes… bumping into him. But he has taught me many important lessons, though I wish he hadn’t in the way it unfolded. At least I’m a tiny bit wiser. I think my biggest regret is stopping the law enforcement to get their hands around Wayne’s neck the first time with Astor King. I mean, it was Astor King, the richest man of Sitciny, and Wayne had already shown me the worst a few days after his disappearance. Everything after that was excessive and traumatizing. I needed no extra lessons from then on. Throwing Wayne out would’ve been a piece of cake. I admit, I messed up big time there when I intervened. I wish I hadn’t.

Maise: Well, I wouldn’t want the man who rejected me for not being dateable to see a failed marriage too. Besides, I just couldn’t bring myself to let him or even myself know we were sailing in the same boat. That he was saving me as much as I was trying to help him. 

Maise: It was either that or throwing whatever we had away. Back then, call it naivety or that I didn’t know better, I couldn’t see that happening. I wouldn’t call it strength, but a weakness. Believing that I needed someone to love me in whatever way they were capable. Instead of loving me for who I was. Yes, I felt utterly betrayed, but what other choice did I have? Divorce? Right after my honeymoon? Can anyone do it, especially with the person they fought for against the entire world with? I needed to prove to myself that I wasn’t what everyone thought of me, that I was capable of being with someone. Someone could love me too. I had that desperation.

Maise: That’s the problem that comes with being too paranoid and knowing you are, for good reasons. Being as paranoid as he was, Wayne always thought people ought to hide things in the safest places. He forgot to check in the most obvious ones. It was a trick, really. Hide it in the dumbest places, and I had already proved myself to be ingenious enough for Wayne to believe I would hide it in the most secluded places and treat everything like life and death. All I had to do was go out shopping, carve out the shoe’s bottom and hide the phone there. Walk around with those shoes on a few times in front of Wayne and then let it rest in the wardrobe.

Maise: I never thought he would go ahead and sign a contract with his nemesis. Never even imagined them meeting up. If everyone followed my plan, Ryan wouldn’t have been threatened at all. Yes, I lied to him, but I needed to check if he was trustworthy. You can’t really blame me there. Besides, I wouldn’t have let anything happen to him. 

Maise: We were trained ever since we were kids but that never stopped us from developing our friendship. Being the oldest made us understand the responsibility and the burden. That boundary was set for us when we were working. Off work, there was no boundary. Just like old times. And who could be a better support system than the friend who saw me at my worst and loved me at my best? I couldn’t trust anyone more than Emma. I suppose it was our mutual respect for our roles in the work environment and as friends that helped us survive and keep a balance.

Meet Maise Blackwell in Sitciny: Read House of Cards on Inkitt and Wattpad.

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