Behind the scenes: Tea time with Rose

Some are not meant to lead from the front, because they are meant to rule the sidelines. They do not need to be a protector, a fighter, or a fixer. They are the support, the enabler, and the aid. It is known that there is no rose without thorns but there are several thorns without roses. To appreciate the exquisiteness of a rose up close, you must endure discomfort. But what a lovely thing it is to behold, the beauty worth all the pain. In the words and thoughts of the timeless beauty stepping out from the pages of House of Cards, find the answers to questions the readers asked:

When we were younger, every summer break as we spent all days playing outside, Maise, Emma, and I would sneak out to get ice creams after lunch. We had at the most five minutes until someone figured out we were gone. Most of it would melt before our feet touched back in our backyard. We plucked out a bunch of bushes in the farthest corner of our backyard for a way out and shabbily put it together after we got back, thinking we were so smart as little 10 and 12-year-olds. We were caught for sneaking out. No one figured out the reason.

Rose: Thank you for your concern. I do not miss the city. However, I do miss the people. Detective Carr does cross my mind sometimes, but he is not the only one.

Rose: Every single day. And every single day I hope she is doing well. Just because I left does not mean I do not care for my sister anymore.

Rose: All my life I’ve lived in my sister’s shadow and tried to be understanding of her situation. I don’t regret it, neither I’ve ever complained about it. But I’ve seen 7 of my closest people die and another one right in front of me, not in the most normal way. 5 of these in that very house. I was alone in that house with our father when he passed away. I don’t think there really was anything left for me in Sitciny after Wayne was gone. Maise was always the stronger one. Everyone said it. I did stay until the end, as I promised Maise. Why else stay weeks after that horrible night? Everyone got the justice they deserved, and Wayne was gone too. My sister was safe, trying to leave the mess behind. It was time for me to move on too, and that could never happen in Sitciny. Besides, she’d always have people looking out for her. I am sure of it. Perhaps I was harsh in my judgment and that was exactly why I needed to leave… for clarity.

Rose: How can I ever pick one? Maybe it is the one when we spied on Maise to figure out who was this guy she was secretly seeing in high school. Maise and Ryan were quick, we were quicker. Or maybe it was the countless late-night conversations with her after I was left alone, Maise was married and Dad was gone too. She, too, was older than me, so I enjoyed a lot of perks with her and Maise. Once they stopped seeing me as a child. Those in themselves are countless memories. Just talking to Emma is my favourite memory. We didn’t need to do anything. She was fun that way. A loyal friend until the very end.

Rose: Much better than when I was in Sitciny. Though it keeps me up sometimes, thinking of all the what-ifs, could I have done something to create a meaningful change, if everyone’s okay? I am aware there are others who’ve had it worse than me. But I hope they’ve someone to lean on and get through it. As for me, I’m working on getting by. One day I’ll work on leaving it all behind. 

Rose: If I could be less sensitive and more vocal. It is hard to survive without thick skin, I’ve figured out. You get much ahead in life with thick skin. Makes it easier to leave people behind who care little for you… at least not as much as you care for them. In fact, it wouldn’t even matter, you’d no longer need to leave at all. Everything is easier to cope with.

Rose: Our home. There were things to be done. I couldn’t sit around. I never enjoyed sitting around, even as a kid. Besides, I don’t think there was a mystery at all, just that I knew where I was needed, when, and for how long. Staying in a place for longer than when you’re needed isn’t ideal in my opinion.

Rose: I sense a discouraging amount of suspicion. Yes, I had friends. Other than Emma. I used to spend time with people other than my sister and Emma. I enjoyed hobbies that kept me out of the house. And I enjoyed going on dates. I’m sure I did everything you do with friends.

Rose:There’s a lot that goes on that never gets said out loud. For one reason or another. And those are often the most important things. If you could read between the lines, it is all there, the actual words that are left unheard and unspoken. Every emotion, every feeling, all our dilemmas would be easier understood if you can do that. Just like in the real world, with everyone around you. Otherwise, everyone becomes a complex puzzle you never want to pick up again. And that’s no way to survive in the world. 

Meet Rose Blackwell in Sitciny: Read House of Cards on Inkitt and Wattpad.

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