Behind the scenes: Tea time with Wayne

Darkness is beautiful and not everyone can resist its allure. Those who do not, find they no longer have shadows. Wayne Hayes has embraced it all and let the madness take over. Perhaps the villain of one story is the hero of another. Perhaps it is the perspective that is wrong. Or perhaps there is a story that was never told. But one thing is for sure: Without someone gone over to the dark side, there is no story to tell. In the words and thoughts of the man on the other side stepping out from the pages of House of Cards, find the answers to questions the readers asked:

Wayne: I’ve heard my smile is just not right no matter how hard I try. I suppose I’m out of practice. Does it make you feel worse if I tell you I’m still grinning?

Wayne: People said that once, years ago, and it pissed me off. 8 out of 9 families that ruled Sitciny were wiped out in under a year. Could’ve been all 9. I’m always a step ahead of my wife because all her feelings show on her face. It’s called confidence. Even if I lose now, I still won more battles than anyone can count.

Wayne: Last time I checked, isn’t backstabbing going behind someone’s back? Like Maise did to me when she hid about her ex-boyfriend. I never did that. Never tried to hide anything from Maise. She is great at finding things, but I am also great at hiding… if I want to. I never wanted to. I only waited for her to ask the right questions and I always answered. Besides, would it have been better if I announced it to everyone? Would there be lesser judgments from you? And Elaine is fun. She has no connections to people who made my childhood miserable. If my existence was truly worthless, Maise wouldn’t spend most of her time trying to get me out of her head for one reason or another.

Wayne: That she is indeed as gorgeous as everyone said. It wasn’t a surprise I recognized her face the moment I laid my eyes on her. She stood out to me. Never thought of her to be timid, so I was skeptical of her. But that changed the more I got to know her. And I fell in love with her feistiness. The moment I met her, I knew she was the only one for me and I had to be with her, no matter what it took. 

Wayne:Nothing. It’s beyond people to understand why I do what I do. There’s a little thing that gets in their way. It’s called a moral compass. Some people call it normalcy. Besides, often puts everyone on edge. Is it hatred? No one would hate me if I was boring, but I was never born to do something ordinary. All my life, people wanted to break me, so I became unbreakable and now they hate me and I couldn’t care less.

Wayne: Maise, of course. She is the key to everything.

Wayne: That’s not tough to think. Instead of toying around with Ryan Price, I should’ve killed him. It would’ve been best if I had done it before he met Maise again. They couldn’t have fooled around with each other then.

Wayne: What was supposed to happen? Elaine freaked out because people were gathering. I told her it was too dark to see and to get us out of there. Step on the accelerator and drive without looking back. I knew everyone would freak out over it, but someone had to keep calm. Though I never thought someone could actually spot us, it was a headache to stop the news from spreading. A tough few days. But we’ve survived worse. I decided the best course of action was to keep going on as if nothing happened. So, after I had calmed Elaine down and sent her back home, I went to the conference and came home to take care of things. Maise was furious. I think that was the toughest part of my week. 

Wayne: Pursued her until she agreed. As I said, I knew she was the one for me and I never learned to give up. There was only one thing to do. Keep at it until she agreed, and I knew she eventually would. After all, I was all she ever wanted. I loved her with a passion no one could come close to.

Wayne:That I had to win. Her so-called alliances humiliated her at our wedding. She was in tears. How could I see my wife in tears? They had to pay for what they did. A thief’s grandson, they called me. I made sure that title was better by turning them into beggars. If they had just gone after me, I might’ve let them off the hook easily. But they ruined my wife’s special day. There’s only retribution for that kind of mistake.

Meet Wayne Hayes in Sitciny: Read House of Cards on Inkitt and Wattpad.

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